We're Here.

So, we’re here in Round Rock, Texas. The movers arrived on Tuesday (after we’d been in our apartment for almost a week) and the internet guy came last night. I’ve unpacked most of the boxes, and Justin’s been hard at work crafting a sermon series for the next few Sundays. The girls seem to be adjusting spectacularly well—although London still refuses to call this our house—it’s our Texas House.

The Round Rock Church has overwhelmed us (in a good way) with love, primarily in the form of food. My fridge is full of every kind of delicious dessert imaginable.

On Sunday the entire congregation surrounded us while the elders blessed us and prayed for us. The sermon (delivered by an elder) was about acting when God calls and the congregation was asked to embrace this beginning as an opportunity to step into the future God has prepared for the congregation and the community of Round Rock.

The excitement and anticipation were palpable.

I’m so alive (I can’t think of another way to say it…) when I’m thinking about our future here. We’ve been here for a week and already we’re meeting people who need Jesus and connecting with them in meaningful ways.

Good things are coming. Good things are here already.