Swimming in God

I spent the morning pulling weeds from the flower beds of an empty house. EMPTY.

Last night the movers packed up my pots and pillows and paintings, every last item crammed onto a big green truck headed for Texas.

Everybody I see lately asks me if I’m stressed out. But I’m not. Not at all. I have the most beautiful peace. My mind is completely still. That’s partly because the movers did the packing. And partly because God’s Spirit is very talented at peace-making.

When she opened the door to the house today, London’s jaw dropped open. She ran from room to room looking for the furniture. Finally she said, “Mom, the couch is missing! We have to find it!” I think she imagined she’d fallen into an episode of Dora. The map would surely tell us where to go to findĀ  our stuff. She seemed satisfied when I told her the couch (and her playdough) were in Texas.

We officially move on Tuesday morning, but we’re taking a detour through New Orleans for Justin’s birthday. So, we’ll arrive in Round Rock on Thursday just before the apartment office closes. Hopefully.

My parents will meet us in Texas on Saturday and stay for a few days before they fly to Hawaii for their 30th wedding anniversary. Then, Dad will stay with us for a few weeks in July while my mom travels for work. Because of the weird summer schedule, I won’t have to say goodbye to my parents for another two months. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling so peaceful. :)

Mostly, I’m feeling very connected to God right now. Every day one of His people touches my life in some beautiful, generous, loving way. Someone volunteers to mow our yard until the house sells. Someone says they’ll drive our truck to Texas for us so we don’t have to pay a mover. Someone fixes my computer and says, “No charge.” Someone brings me lunch while I’m working on the house. Someone hugs me and tells me how much a class I taught meant to them. That’s God, every one of those people loving and serving and encouraging like Jesus.

I feel like I’m swimming in God.