Speaking Schedule

Here are the places I'll be speaking in the next few months, Lord willing. I'd love to see you there!



Edmond Church of Christ // Edmond, OK

2/9-2/10     If you're in the area, contact the church and ask about attending. 

Justin and I will be leading a marriage workshop called "Partners" focusing on marriage as an opportunity to bind yourself to your spouse in the pursuit of something bigger than the two of you. 

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Church of Christ at Pearl Harbor // Honolulu, HA

2/17     Want to make the trek out to Hawaii? Come on! You'll be welcomed. 

I'll be leading a women's retreat, focusing on surrender, peace, and hope (pulling from my recent book Live or Die).

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MARCH 2018


Women of Hope Conference // Lebanon, TN

3/2-3        https://www.hhi.org/womenofhope

This annual event brings together women of God to encourage one another in service. I'll be one of two keynote speakers. Sign up at the website above.

Northwest Church of Christ // Tampa, FL

3/24          Visitors Welcome, details to come

Join us for a full day of prayer instruction and practice. If you want to pray (and pray "well"), you just have to jump in and do it.                                                                                           

APRIL 2018

Jefferson Avenue Church of Christ // Cookeville, TN

4/7         Visitors welcome

I'll be talking about how to slow down your busy life and concentrate on the life-giving practices you need to keep going. 

Sign up here if you'd like to attend: https://www.jayouth.org/ja-ladies-day

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Women Walking With God Conference // Park City, KS

4/13-14    Register beginning Nov. 12th at http://www.womenwalkingwithgod.org

This year's theme is "Trust His Path."


Center Hill Church of Christ //Paragould, AR

4/20-21    Visitors Welcome

My husband and I will be leading a marriage retreat titled, "A Marriage of Unusual Excellence" centering on how to live out the love we're called to give.


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MAY 2018


First Baptist Church//Round Rock, TX

5/7 Closed group

I'll be talking to moms of preschoolers about freedom and fear. Freedom and fear aren't friends. 

JUNE 2018

Kuslanova Church of Christ // Zagreb, Croatia

Location and topic still to be determined


JULY 2018

Summer Bible Study Workshops!

This summer we'll be exploring how to study the Bible in a practical, engaging, and accessible way, leading you into a passionate pursuit of God. If reading the Bible is boring, a chore, hard, or just meh--this workshop is for you!

If you'd like to receive an email when registration opens, just fill out this quick form:

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Central Church of Christ // Huntsville, AL

7/14      Everyone welcome! 

Registration information available in March.


Montague Workshop // Henderson, TN

7/23-24         Everyone welcome!

Registration information available in March.


West End Church of Christ //Knoxville, TN

8/25    Visitors Welcome

Topic still to be determined.

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Main St. Church of Christ //Milan, TN

9/22    Visitors Welcome

Topic still to be determined.