Sort of Depressing Book Review

I recently requested How to Write a Book Proposal from Thomas Nelson’s book review options because I may one day want to write a book proposal. Not now. Not this year. But someday. Anyway, I read it because I’m supposed to read the books I get for free and now I’m reviewing it for the very same reason:

How to Write a Book Proposal by Michael Larson is a book about book proposals. It is thorough, detailed, and I predict, helpful. It’s also easy to read and jargon-less.

It is also, however, depressing. At one point, Larson encourages me to list well-known celebrities/stars/popular writers who have provided testimonials for my book (I’m supposed to track those down? Do I just call up Stephen King?)  He also asks me to be thorough in listing all the ways publishers can make money off of me (Isn’t that what marketing people are for?). 

Don’t get me wrong. This is an excellent resource. It’s just one I realized I wasn’t quite ready to use.

P.S. I was far and away most excited about the idea of including a “surprise” in my proposal—a small gift to help the editor remember my book. That’s something I can spend all day thinking about—a perfect distraction from thinking about my terrible writing and relative obscurity.