Most Wonderful Person in the Universe

People tell you that you’ll love your mom more when you become a mom. Add me to the list of people telling you that.

Your mom is the person who cleaned up your messes and fixed everything you broke. She was that person before, but now that you’re cleaning up messes and fixing broken things you realize that someone else did this for you and that person was your mom. Wow. Your mom is amazing—yes, part of that realization stems from a personal feeling that you are in fact amazing for all of the mom things you do tirelessly and without notice. But, pride aside, you’re right to value your mom for her heroism. She’s worth it.

Too, though, you start to notice your mom as a person who likes to hang out and tell jokes and travel. You notice that you and your mom are surprisingly similar in a number of ways. Of course you are; you have the same genes. And that makes for a lovely friendship.

Add to that the truth that she’s the world’s best babysitter, that she’ll take the kids at all the inconvenient times, that she’ll take a day off work or miss an important appointment or give up her only free night, and (drum roll please) you are now crowning your mom “Most Wonderful Person in the Universe.”

Lois Mays, wear your crown with pride. You deserve it.