#8 Modesty Misconceptions Abound

As in, it’s not cool. Or attractive. Or interesting.

I saw a friend this last month who I hadn’t seen in a year or so. He’d read about my project on the blog and had some questions. Here’s the first thing he said to me:

"So, I guess this is one of the outfits?"


"Huh. Well, that’s not so bad."

He’s one of those lovely blunt friends who actually says what he’s thinking. :)

His words weren’t surprising. After a year of blogging about modesty I can say with certainty that He’s not alone in his expectation that modest would be, somehow, “bad.”

Still, nothing could be further from the truth. 

To dress modestly is not to dress like a pioneer woman (although if that’s your thing, more power to you). It is actually possible to dress almost any personal style within the realm of modesty. 

I liked the clothes I wore this year. I really like the clothes I’ll wear this next year. And all of them cover me up in a way that feels safe, liberating, and empowering.

Modest does not mean frumpy. Modest does not mean jean skirts (again, if you like the jean skirts, rock on). Modest does not mean dressing like your great grandmother. 

I promise, modest is better than “not so bad.” It’s good.