#7 I Don't Like Posting Pics of My Clothes

I’ve had several people ask recently for pictures of my outfits, either the ones I wore last year or the ones I have in the que for this next year. I totally get why you’d be curious (and I’m excited that you are), but I’m not going to do that. My reasons are two-fold:

1. I think true modesty involves downplaying the importance of what we’re wearing. I like the idea that my clothes this year have become, in so many ways, transparent, allowing my inside to shine more brightly than my outside. Because of that, I don’t want to shine a spotlight on the outside. This is admittedly complicated when you’re blogging about clothes, so I’m using caution. Only once this year have I posted a picture of clothing and immediately I regretted it. It’s not about the clothes. But to get to that point we need to talk about the clothes. I feel like pictures of clothes take the discussion outside the sphere of the spiritual and into the realm of the physical. 

2. Modesty must be personalized to work. What modesty looks like for you will inevitably look different from what it looks like to me. Our bodies are different and our senses of style are different. What looks completely appropriate on my body may be too revealing on your body. Similarly, what I think looks beautiful and fun, you may write off as silly. So, I refrain from posting pics of my clothes on the blog in order to both challenge you to make your own decisions about what is and isn’t modest (with God’s word as your guide) and to prevent you from being turned off to modesty by the particulars of a style that doesn’t suit your tastes or lifestyle. 

Having said all of that, I do have certain personal tips I’d be happy to offer about building a small wardrobe. I’ll post them tomorrow.

P.S. Having written this post a few days ago, I now want to make it clear that I DON’T think those of you who asked about pictures are shallow. I think there are several good reasons to ask for pictures. Makes total sense to me. I just wanted YOU to know why I’m not doing it. Lots of good reasons to do it. Two solid reasons not to.