You don’t have to live the life they tell you to.
“The dream” doesn’t have to be your dream.
You can run in the wrong direction.
You can check the box marked “other.”
Feel free to disappoint your judgmental aunt.

Lots of people don’t get what’s good.
They’re tired and hungry and sad,
but they’ll act like they’re fine
and tell you to do what they did—
follow their track—
and good things will happen.

But they’re still waiting on the good things.
Maybe if you do what they did,
maybe they’ll feel like they weren’t so stupid
for picking the thing
they never really wanted.
Cause you did, too.

Don’t be somebody’s excuse for stupid.
Ignore the expectations.
Turn the tables.
Kick the scaffolding out from under
the wicked world masquerading
as your destiny.