Why I Named My Daughter Eve

I’m teaching Bible class on Wednesday, and I’m stoked about my topic: “Why I Named My Daughter Eve.”

I guess it’s a little strange to name your daughter after history’s first sinner, after a woman who’s become a symbol for temptation. Eve is classified as one of the (if not the preeminent) “bad girls of the Bible.” And, of course, there’s the whole naked thing.

But for years I’ve been fascinated by Eve, by God’s first and, in many ways, ideal woman. God’s hands formed her. His breath awakened her. He walked with her. She was his first daughter.

Too, I’ve always been frustrated by the way Eve gets painted—how we condemn her so entirely for one indiscretion, one sin.  Sure, it was a monumental sin, but I hate to define any person by her biggest mistake.

While what we know about Eve outside the garden is limited, we do know that she named her boys Cain “acquired” and Seth “granted,” explicitly thanking God for the blessing of children. To me, that seems like a peek into a contrite heart.

In part, I named my daughter Eve because she’s God’s intentionally, carefully created daughter. I also named her Eve because I want to reclaim the name, because I think “Eve” deserves a chance at redemption.