What I've Learned from New Christians (Spoiler: A LOT)

I love new Christians. I love that they’ve chosen the life they’re living. 

Bill Greer, Matt Cross, Kathy Hernandez, Neil Grupp, Bill and Becky Duplain—In every case, seeing these people come to know Christ and then witnessing the transformation of their hearts has transformed me.

New Christians teach me to read the Bible with my eyes open, to ask questions, and see truth. They challenge me to stop making excuses and embrace the difficult task of taking up a cross, even when it means making changes, even when it means making a spectacular mess of a previously straightforward life .

New Christians teach me to smile generously. To say stuff like “brother” and “praise God” and “God bless you” non-ironically. To stop rolling my eyes at 90s praise songs. To give people and situations the benefit of the doubt.

New Christians give me the courage to tell people about Jesus both because they do (they can’t help it) and because they remind me that the good news really is good.

New Christians make me want to be a new Christian. Which is good because God wants me to be one too.