What Ali and Roberto Have Going for Them

Thinking today about The Bachelorette and why I sometimes watch it.

At first, I hated the way producers edited the show—so we see only the most dramatic moments, the crazy highs and terrible lows. But today I was thinking about how my memories are edited just the same way. I honestly don’t remember most of the ordinary parts of my life.

I was also wondering if my love life would be interesting enough for an episode of The Bachelor, or if it would be so boring they couldn’t even figure out a creative way to edit.

I’ve decided Justin and I could hold our own on one of those After The Rose episodes. Our relationship montage would be really good. Kleenex good.

Even if they only used clips from this week.

Which is funny, because I’m sometimes tempted to think our life is grayscale ordinary. You know, when I’m right in the middle of making dinner and doing dishes and he’s answering the hundred million text messages and emails he receives every day. I sometimes think, at that moment, is this what our relationship is?

But they’d never show that part on reality TV. They’d show the moment just before when we’d rolled on the floor with our girls—all four of us tickling and laughing—Justin and I sneaking kisses. They’d show highlights from our soul-feeding conversations at Starbucks. They’d show close-ups of me reading a direct message on Twitter and smiling embarrassingly big.

And while those are just snapshots of our love, together they make a pretty stunning collage.

I guess I sort of wish Justin and I had met on The Bachelorette—definitely not The Bachelor :) for one, and only one, reason: When Ali and Roberto start thinking “Maybe this isn’t as great as we thought it was” they have the blessing of a perfectly edited love montage. They can sit down next to one another, pop in the DVD, and watch themselves in their moments of most intense loving.