Things I'm Awesome At

Sometimes I get grief for talking a lot about my weaknesses. I do that for my pride’s sake. I think it’s much better to talk a lot about your faults than to talk a lot about your awesomeness.

But you asked for it and here it is. A list of ten things I’m good at. No, GREAT at:

1. Playing football. While I am an adequate quarterback, I am an excellent tackle and a pretty stinking good safety. I’ve been defensive captain for every team I’ve ever played for (which is a surprising number seeing as though I’m a girl: 6).

2. Coming up with ideas. Seriously, give me a challenge or a problem or a party to plan and I will quickly cough up a list of twenty, thirty, a hundred ideas.

3. Making Eve laugh.

4. Supporting my husband. He is wonderful-fantastico. I tell him so maybe twenty times a day. Can’t help it.

5. Reading books quickly. 60-80 pages an hour depending on the book’s difficulty and the word density of the page.

6. Locating an item in a store. My brain is more dependable than a schematic of the building. (Also finding things in bags, in piles of junk, etc.)

7. Changing a diaper on a standing child. Justin marvels.

8. Getting the absolute most for the absolute least. I can make $20 look like $200. My mother-in-law talks about watching me shop like it’s some sort of religious experience.

9. Documenting my family’s life. No moment will go unblogged, unphotographed or unvideoed.

10. Blogging consistently. Every day but one for the last seven months. Awesome.

Now you take a stab at it. Let me know what you’re terrific at.