Talking About What Matters Most--A New Project

Maybe you didn't know, but for the last few years my husband Justin Gerhardt and I have been traveling around the country (and outside the country) talking to people about marriage. Every time we get the chance to talk, we talk about one thing: love. For us, love is the most important thing. When you know how to love and you actually practice love in your relationship, you can't help but have a great marriage. 

Because we want more people to be better at love, we've created a Youtube channel called "Love Stuff." Every two weeks we'll be creating a video about one characteristic of love (as identified in I Corinthians chapter 13). Our first video explains why love seems so hard (because it is hard) and how to do it anyway. 

Check it out. Subscribe. Share it on social media. 

I'll be praying this resource blesses your marriage!