See God. In A Person.

I’m sitting here at my computer debating whether or not to write this post. I have a long column of reasons to avoid it (1. sappy, 2. self-indulgent, 3. irrelevant…) And one strong reason to go ahead: What I want to write about is the single most powerful, touchable and meaningful manifestation of the love, truth, and comfort of God in my life.

If this blog is about scouting God and if I’m going to tell you where I see Him, how could I avoid writing about this.

So here goes: I see God in Justin Gerhardt.

Justin is the best example of unconditional love I know. When I read “Husbands love your wives like Christ loved the church” I know what that looks like and I know Christ better because I do. 

Here’s what I want to do in this post: I want to tell you every single way I’ve seen God in my husband in the past, I don’t know, let’s say week. But I’m not going to do that. Because the list is too long and because the list is mine

See, God doesn’t show up for you in the form of Justin Gerhardt. Maybe sometimes if you listen to his sermons online. Maybe often, if you’re his friend. But still, Justin isn’t your pipeline. He’s mine. God put him right up next to me and filled Him with Spirit so the Spirit would slosh and I’d be covered in love.

So often (like 34 times a day) I look at Justin and I thank God. Not for perfection. For presence.

I decided to write this post because I realized two things:

1. Some of you have a person like this in your life, someone God is using to shape you and grow you and fill you and love you. And I wanted to remind you to thank God. And to appreciate your person.

2. Some of you don’t have someone like this (or don’t think you have someone like this) in your life.

I’m sitting here looking at that last sentence, and I’m crying. Not figuratively. Literally. I look ridiculous. I’m crying because I don’t even know you and I want, more than almost anything, for you to have a Justin. 

I want you to have a meaningful and intimate relationship with a person who will treat you like God would treat you if He were a person.

I want you to sit on the couch with somebody and not worry what they think of you.

I want you to know what it feels like to really, really hurt somebody and watch them forgive you.

I want you to find a voice who’ll speak wisdom and truth into your messed up, lied-to life.

I want you to see God. In a person. 

I can’t make a person magically appear on your doorstep. I did just pray for you, that you’d find one. But my guess is most of you don’t need to find one. You need to see the one already in the room.

I sat down tonight with Justin and read him the beginning of this post and we smiled and cried a little bit and laughed at how God works. We laughed because of what a mess Justin is. We laughed because we’re both so broken and we know that on paper and still we see God so clearly in one another. 

Justin said to me, “You see God in me, because you’re looking for God.”

And I think probably he’s right. I see God because I’m looking AND I see God because He’s there.

My advice? Look for God, really look, and you’ll likely find Him in a person, in a person who wants a relationship with you, a person who wants to be close to you, a person who wants to treat you well. That person might be your dad. It might be a mentor. It might be a friend. It might be your kid. And it might be your spouse. 

There are beautiful busted people in your life, people God perfectly positioned for your blessing. Get up close to your person. Let the Spirit slosh all over you. Be filled. Be challenged. Be loved.