Scouting the Divine--Best Title Ever

I just finished Scouting the Divine: My Search for God in Wine, Wool, and Wild Honey by Margaret Feinberg. Good stuff. Great Title. I definitely want to be scouting divinity.

It’s the title that hooked me and the idea that kept me.

Feinberg explores Biblical imagery by visiting a farm, helping a shepherd with her herd, talking to a vintner about wine, and harvesting honey with a beekeeper. It’s a great idea well-executed.

I kept wishing I’d had this idea first.

I liked the sheep part best—just seeing how much love a shepherd has, how strongly a person can feel for an animal—so many passages come to life. I felt that moment when Nathan tells David “you are the man,” the story about the guy with one beloved sheep, I felt that scene so powerfully. I’d have reacted just the same way David did if the story had been about a puppy.

I understand sacrifices better, too—why God required certain things, the trust he was trying to engender. I had no idea how rare perfect lambs might be or how important that first born lamb is to the flock. A sacrifice required so much faith and provided such a great opportunity to make room for God’s miraculous power.

And, of course, I learned a lot about Jesus. I love Jesus.

So, check out the book. It’s a quick read. A good read. And a good preacher resource when you’re preaching through the parables.