Reading Books

I read four books last week. All good.

  1. Ragtime by E.L. Doctorow is great. Fast, exciting, and sort of Crash-y. I’m positive it must have inspired How the Great World Spins.
  2. Run by Ann Patchett felt like cuddling up on a cozy couch, looking out the window at a world blanketed in snowy silence. Peaceful. Warm.
  3. The pilgrimage book in the ancient practices series from Thomas Nelson (by Charles Foster) changed my life. Seriously. I will never not live like a pilgrim after that book. Also, I will now be walking more.
  4. Truth and Beauty (Ann Patchett again) reminded me not to let the people I love eat me. Although I doubt that what’s Patchett intended for me.

Finally, I read Psalm 19 over and over and have decided I absolutely must have it inside me, in me, through me. I’ll be memorizing it immediately.