#operationreadmybible (Part4: Down with Reading)

Okay, so what do you do when you know it would be good to read your Bible, you want to encounter God in the Word, BUT you hate to read?

Maybe you’re dyslexic. Maybe you just haven’t ever found the right book. Maybe the idea of sitting still for more than two minutes distresses you. (My cousin Timmy says he has a “math brain.”) Maybe you’re one of the 32 million American adults who can’t read.

Whatever your reason, you’re not alone. Almost a third of Americans didn’t read a single book last year.

That makes Bible reading a hard sell.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to read the Bible. You can listen to it.

Just about every Bible app for you phone will include an audio Bible.

Plug it into your car during your daily commute.

Listen to it while you fold laundry or pay the bills.

Or, if your problem is reading skill, open your Bible and read along.

My friend Kelly recently started listening to her Bible. Here’s what she says:

I have been doing very well recently with my audio Bible on my phone. I’m finding it very easy to listen when I’m doing mindless tasks like laundry and dishes. I never realized before what an auditory learner I am; I’m able to study longer than other methods and I’m having many insights that never caught my attention before.

Listening to the Bible isn’t second-class reading. It counts just the same. :)

For those of you who’re visual learners, you might consider the growing options in Bibles modeled after graphic novels like The Action Bible. Here’s a sample page:


Finally, for the person who really dislikes reading, I’d suggest joining a Bible study group. Lots of you reading-haters are extroverts. Sorry for the stereotype, but, alas, it’s a stereotype for a reason. You like being with people, not sitting alone in a room with a book.

Why not sit in a room of people with a book? :)

Reading the Bible with a group is a great way to get your Bible-reading feet wet. My church offers Bible study groups for men and women during the week. Lots of churches do. If yours doesn’t, Google. It’s highly likely you’ll be able to find a church close to you offering just what you need.