#operationreadmybible (Part 7: Change Gon' Come)


My friend Rusty confessed sometimes he doesn’t read his Bible because he’s afraid  of “transformation.”

This is a good reason not to read the Bible.

Because transformation happens when you read it.

And transformation sometimes hurts.

[You know the saying—don’t pray for patience… Friends of mine say "Don’t read James…"]

When we’re thinking clearly, when the wisdom kicks in, we know transformation is good. It’s butterfly stuff—pulling us up off our dirt-smudged bellies, sprouting wings—wings waiting inside us—through the skin and bones of our burden-heavy backs.

Psalm 130 reads:

"So I wait for the Eternal—my soul awaits rescue
    and I put my hope in His transforming word.”

Hope comes in the Word that makes princes of paupers, daughters of orphans, luminescence grown in the dark.

Transformation is rescue.

And if you read the book, you will find rescue…

Rescue from your master—food, sex, approval, money.

Rescue from your forever fate.

Rescue from the boring life you’re destined to lead apart from the life-giving, life-shaping Word, ever-calling you to live with courage and compassion.

Yes, if you skip out on Bible reading you can escape the pain of transformation, but you’ll also miss the thrill of flight.