"One Upon A Time" and A Real-er World

So, is anybody out there watching Once Upon A Time?

I can’t help thinking this is a terrific riff on The Story, you know God’s story, the fall and redemption of man. We’ve got a curse and a savior and people living in a world far less real and less magical than their home but they’ve forgotten their home, forgotten who they are, forgotten that magic is real. They’ve become accustomed to evil, oblivious to the happy ending life they once lived and will live again. 

I love seeing the characters slowly wake up to their calling, like children waking from a deep sleep on Christmas morning.

Makes me think of the song "Slumber" by my most favoritest band needtobreathe:

"All these victims
Stand in line for
The crumbs that fall from the table
Just enough to get by
All the while
Your invitation
Wake on up from your slumber
Baby, open up your eyes”

Reminds me to live awake. Awake to a world better and real-er than this one.