One Thing You Can't Say Out Loud

Here’s one thing you can’t say at church: “I love being married.”

Honestly, you probably can’t say it anywhere, because if you say it, here are the inevitable responses:

  • "Gag me."
  • "Guess you haven’t had your first fight."
  • "Let’s talk again in ten years."
  • "(a sarcasm laden) Suuuuure."

It’s because of these responses (even from “church people”) that I hardly ever write about marriage, certainly not my own marriage. But I decided today, reflecting on a great day yesterday with my crazy wonderful husband, that I’m just not gonna let the haters deter me.

So, welcome to “Thoughts on Marriage” week.

Here’s a list of what’s coming:

Tuesday: Good marriages are not magic, and the people in them aren’t special.

Wednesday: It’s not okay to dog your husband.

Thursday: Why I LOVE telling Justin “I forgive you” (and why I don’t mind saying “I’m sorry”)

Friday: What your marriage says about your faith

Then, on Saturday, having spoken my mind, I’ll happily shut up again for a year or so. :)