On Christmas... (Your Comments)

Just wanted to post some of the cool things you guys said about today’s post and celebrating Christmas.

Josh: I never understood a few things about that. First, we all agree to celebrate/remember his death and resurrection; didn’t he have to be born for that to happen? His birth was full of amazing things… Born into poverty, total humility, a virgin birth, and I could go on. Also, didn’t the “wise men” get to pay him homage, worship him, and celebrate his birth? Just my two cents…

Erin: And to that, I would add: We teach children that Christmas is the season of gift giving. We sing them songs about peace on the Earth and goodwill to men. We want them to hug the elderly relatives they don’t know and be nice to their playmates AND strangers and serve at soup kitchens and put their money in red buckets for the underprivileged because it’s Christmas. (Makes me think of the line in Love Actually, “And at Christmas you tell the truth.”) We have all these requirements for how people ought to be and feel at Christmas, simply because it is Christmas. Well, if you can’t put Jesus at the back, front, and center of that, then where can you put him?

Alyssa: This reminds me of Easter when we celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, along with the pagan rabbit worshipers lol! Holidays like these are kind of separate in my mind. You have Christmas, where we celebrate the birth of Jesus and then along with it, a big fat man in silly red clothes comes and gives you presents! It’s like two holidays in one! The same with Easter.

Joni: Weird. I’ve been thinking about this exact thing the past few days. I kinda think it’s like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We don’t know who is in the tomb, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t honor its significance.

Heather: i grew up in a church tradition that did celebrate the religious aspects of christmas and easter, but shied away from halloween. i got to freed and they did the opposite. i never understood that, even with all the “arguments” presented. focusing on Christ’s birth and resurrection rather than presents and candy…and staying away from a holiday that seems to celebrate everything dark and evil…sinful indeed! we now are attending a CoC that has greenery hanging in the auditorium right now and has a christmas program planned this month. (and no, they don’t have a praise team or clapping…can it be??) thanks for writing this!

Great thoughts guys. Lots to think about… Thanks!