No, I didn't move to Mozambique. Or become a hermit. Or explode from consuming Mentos and Diet Coke in tandem.

Hey friends! It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here at Just wanted you to know, good things are coming!

This upcoming Wednesday I’ll debut a new and improved site with a new look and a new focus (it’s a secret).  From here on out I’ll be blogging three or four times a week and sharing more of your thoughts with regularly featured guest posts.

Before the big re-brand launch on Wednesday, I’ll be posting some things on writing and blogging, staying the course, and general life-living, stuff that doesn’t fit the new direction but that might explain a little of where I’ve been for the last, I don’t know, year. :)

Anyway, thanks for sticking around. I think once we get this thing rolling, you’re going to be glad you did.