Memorable Scenes

Justin talked about “making memorable scenes” at church Wednesday night, a concept he got from Donald Miller. He talked about how forgettable life can be and how important it is to safeguard our moments from being forgotten by making them unforgettable. I liked the line about “life off the couch.”

What I thought was so cool about this lesson, beyond the fact that it’s a beautiful, inspiring, literary, godly way to live, was that so many of the examples he gave were actual moments from our lives: a romantic rowboat ride, a run in the rain, jumping in the bathtub with his clothes on to make London laugh…

Most of the time, we need to be challenged in a sermon. But occasionally it’s good to be reassured at the same time.

It feels so good to hear your husband waxing poetic about living a life that looks like a movie, knowing that he’s not yearning for some bigger adventure. But knowing, rather, that the life you’re living together is, according to him, a highlight reel of memorable scenes.