Married White Female Seeks Older, Wiser Woman For General Life Advice and Chai Tea

I need a mentor.

For years I’ve made excuses, tried to come up with reasons why I don’t need one. But I do. I need a wise, articulate, godly woman willing to let me pick her brain over chai tea.

I have questions about God and about mothering and about books. More than that, I just feel like I need what my husband’s been so purposeful about seeking for himself—fresh eyes. His mentors have made him better at his job and better at relating to God.

Recently Justin wrote a post about being a mentor, reasons to step up and do it. After reading it and stepping into that role myself, I’ve only become more convinced of my need. Mentors multiply experiential wisdom. They point out potholes. They inspire.

So, if you know of a woman in the market for a younger friend to buy her coffee once a week and listen to her talk—hook me up. I’d prefer a Christian who likes to write and who reads a lot.

I feel like I’m asking to be set up on a blind date… I guess I am. Oh well. I’m desperate.

* I am super-blessed to have a mother who ably advises me, and I suppose she’s the closest I’ve come to a “mentor” or “coach.” Thanks Mom.