Is It Possible God Sent Me a Bouquet of Bunnies? (A Story About Scouting God)

This is a story I don’t tell. It’s a little bit embarrassing and honestly, I don’t know exactly what to make of it.

Yesterday I was reminded of it and thought I should write it down. And in writing it down I figured this was a story you’d like. So here goes…

A year or so ago I went running at a local park. I was feeling tense and distracted, but the day was beautiful and just being outside really started to change my mood. I prayed as I ran. Simple stuff: Thank you God for the sunshine. For the breeze. For a moment of quiet. It was already turning into a great run when I saw the first bunny.

Folks, there are few things cuter than wild bunnies. And there on my beautiful run on this beautiful day right in the middle of my prayer I saw one. I prayed, “Ahhh!!! God, I love bunnies. Thank you for bunnies.”

I kept running.

Five steps down the road I saw ANOTHER bunny. And I thanked God again. This time though, I added a request. I said, “God, I know this is weird and I know you are very busy and not my personal genie, but, um, could I maybe see more bunnies?”

It was a ridiculous ask. But I really liked seeing the bunnies. They made me happy. They made me stop for a second and look. With that second bunny, I found myself totally present, watching this perfect tiny thing.

So I made the request and ran on.

I saw two more bunnies in thirty seconds.

People, this was not a bunny sanctuary. Yes, it is common to see a bunny or two at this particular park, but four in five minutes?

I kept running, but now I was running with a mission—to see bunnies.

Closing in on the last leg of the run I’d seen nine bunnies.

Here’s where it gets complicated…

So I’m running and I’m asking God to let me see bunnies. And I am fully aware that God has no responsibility to answer my stupid prayer. But I keep seeing bunnies. Like, everywhere. And while I’m super hesitant to say God’s making the bunnies appear, I’m also reluctant to chalk up to chance what may be the most preciously personal answered prayer ever.

So I say, “God, let me see ten bunnies. And if I see ten bunnies exactly—not one more or less—I’ll know You were behind it.”

[Y’all, I am cracking up laughing as I type this. RIDICULOUS.]

Anyway, I’m running and it’s been a while since the last bunny, and I’m looking like crazy, barely even running really, and finally I see it—one lone bunny in the tall grass to my right.

I stop and stare. He’s light brown with short, strong ears—not the floppy kind those coddled pet bunnies have. He’s in the exact position of a chocolate Easter bunny. He seems totally unaware of me. He’s beautiful.

I have no idea what to do with this moment. I don’t know whether to get down on the ground and take off my shoes or to run on as if nothing’s happened.

Because I can’t be sure anything has happened, really.


I finish the run and don’t see another a bunny.

I pray, “God, I have no idea what just happened. But just in case you arranged it, I loved it.”

I’m not going to tell you God sent me a bouquet of bunnies to show me He loves me. But I will say that in seeing ten bunnies, I was reminded of God’s love for me.

Because here’s the thing: God made the bunnies, y’all. Every one of them.

He made the sunshine and the trees. He made me, with strong legs and a cute-animal reflex I simply cannot squelch.

Did I experience the presence of God on that run?

Yes. For sure. No question.

When you’re looking for God you have to remember, God doesn’t have to change the space-time continuum or take time away from saving starving children to show up for you.

He’s worked showing up for you into the very fabric of creation.

If you expect God to show up and you look for Him, you will see Him. That’s the God Scout’s manifesto.

It’s possible there were always ten bunnies lining my jogging path. I’d never looked. But when I did look, I saw.

God is probably all over your life right now, but if you’re not actively looking for Him, you’ll totally miss Him.

I know this is a somewhat silly story, but I want more stories like it to tell.

I want more ten bunny days.

I’m going to ask for them, and I’m going to expect them.

I’m not going to blame God if I don’t get them. But I’m going to thank Him when I do.