Indulgence: It's Fattening

Sometimes, when I’m feeling really frustrated about not having lost all my pregnancy fat, I’ll eat a Mcdouble to make myself feel better.

Other times, when I’m working on the budget and I realize I’m running out of cash, I think, “Shopping would make me feel so much better.”

And when I’m totally stressed out because I have a million things to do, I do nothing.

So many times, the destructive forces in my life are also my coping places. Food, shopping, being lazy—this stuff makes me feel good. But it has the potential to totally mess up my life.

When I look for comfort anywhere other than God, it’s very likely I’ll soon overindulge.

Why? Because other comforts aren’t satisfying. One shirt at Old Navy doesn’t make me feel good, so I try buying three. One cookie doesn’t cut it, and I eat the whole box.

I end up chasing comfort down the aisles of Target, getting fat and poor and lazy in the process.

And I feel so much better when I’m fat and poor and lazy.