Helen Parr (to her son):"Everyone's special, Dash."
Dash:"Which is another way of saying no one is."
Watched The Incredibles last night with London. What a good movie.
I especially appreciated the blatant call to greatness. With so many people embracing, even praising, mediocrity, I'm happy to expose my daughter to something bigger.
I love that the movie celebrates being fully oneself--not hiding talents or abilities to fit in. That it encourages parents and society as a whole not to hold our children back--or ourselves.
Maybe it's a stretch, but I feel this way about Christians. I feel like we're too often encouraged (if not explicitly then certainly by example) to tone down the God-talk when out in the world. New Christians with big dreams of service and sacrifice find those dreams minimized as naivete or childishness. We sometimes even ridicule another's faith for being too big. And it's not because we don't love one another. It's because we do, and we want to spare one another the troubles of being different.
We're Christians who don't understand the super power that comes from living a God-filled life. We want normal, and we're sacrificing incredible to get it.
While we could be out saving the world, we're trying instead to fit our potential into a tiny cubicle.