I'm Reading a Book by and about George W. Bush

Yes, I am reading a book by George W—a man I voted for and initially liked but then also didn’t so much like toward the end. And I’m realizing as I read this book that I still like him. He is insanely likable, even when I crazy disagree with him. 

Decision Points, his memoir, is a good book about a pretty regular guy who makes some good decisions (and some bad ones) and sort of lands in the position of president of The United States (at least that’s the way he describes it, casually and with great humility). The book is not an autobiography, but rather a close look at his life’s most important/weighty/challenging decisions.

Fascinating is all I can say. Well, I can say more, but that’s a good word to start. I seriously can’t stop reading this book because I keep wondering “Why?” and he keeps telling me why and I don’t feel at all like he’s lying to me—even if he is.

When Bush was president I always liked watching his interactions with the press. He was hilarious, blunt, and way too free with his opinions and feelings. Even if I disagreed with every sentiment, I couldn’t help rooting for him. He seemed like a guy genuinely trying do his best.

I think that’s the goal of the book—to show us he tried, that decisions were hard to make but he made them the best he could. 

I don’t know if it’s enough, if trying is the mark of a great man, but I do know it makes for a really, really good read.