I Think You Might Need This

As you may have heard, I’m leading a workshop this summer called Field Notes. It’s a workshop in writing to see.

It is NOT a workshop in writing.

It requires no skill in writing at all.

The aim is NOT to shape participants into better writers.

My goal for you is that through this workshop, you’d become a better seer.

And that is a much different thing.

Not all of us are “writers.” But all of us are capable of seeing.

More than that, all of us are aching to see…

Some of you are tired. You are overwhelmed by the contents of day stacked upon day and you have no idea how you’ll ever climb out from under the weight of so much to do.

Some of you are sad. Neck-deep in your own tears, you’re afraid of drowning in grief. You worry it might always be like this.

Some of you are angry. Your knuckles turn white as you hold tight to disappointments, someone else’s failures, perpetrated (you feel) against you.

Some of you are confused. You don’t know where to go or who to trust or when it’s all going to fall into place. You feel like you’re walking in circles, wading through a fog that just won’t lift.

Some of you are happy. Joy spills out of your mouth and heart, but you worry the ground will soak it up and later you’ll forget you had so much.

Some of you are curious. Questions grow like bubbles in a bath, but you cram them into corners, waiting for a moment to pay attention… later.

Some of you are jealous. You want everything you don’t have and none of what you’ve been given. You don’t like it, but you don’t know how to fix it.

Field Notes is for all of you.

Everybody needs clarity. Everybody needs a chance to climb a mountain and look…

To see her life as it is. To see her life as it could be. And to see God, present and at work.

I am convinced that eyes to see are the only eyes worth having. And I am convinced that too many of us are living blind, victims to our emotions and circumstances.

Field Notes will equip you to live with open eyes, to see clearly how God made you, what God wants from you, what God’s doing in you, and what God has planned for you.

Yeah, we’ll be writing some. But this workshop is about something way more important: It’s about seeing God.


You can attend Field Notes [a workshop] at one of these locations:

NASHVILLE//July 19th {full day, $85}

HUNTSVILLE//August 9th {half day, $60}

AUSTIN//September 6th {half day, $60}