I See God In...

I found this picture this morning while cleaning out the garage. That’s my great grandmother Effie Estelle Martin. We called her Mama Jane. She was probably already 100 years old in this picture. She died at 102. 

She was beautiful and smart and funny. And boy did she love God.

When she was a young woman her husband, a drunk, refused to let her take the car to Sunday worship. So she walked. Every day. For years. 

Not long before her husband died, she watched as he emerged from the baptistery waters. 

When she was old, she sat in the second pew at Pinellas Park Church of Christ where her son and son-in-law shared the pulpit (where her grandsons are now elders), surrounded by great grandchildren, singing loudly.

When she was dying and I sat by her bed in the nursing home doing homework, she bubbled over with scripture and song. Sometimes the words were jumbled, but always full of joy and hope. 

When I looked at my Mama Jane I saw God. Today, looking at this picture of her, I see Him still.

So, tell me: Where Do You See God?

In the comments, share a story about a grandparent or older person who powerfully reflects (or reflected) the image of Christ.

If you email me a picture, we’ll feature it here on the blog on Friday.