Good Gifts

I LOVE finding new ways to make my girls happy. Eve’s pretty simple right now, but London—with her complicated palette :)— gives me plenty of opportunities for creativity. Today we went to McDonald’s for breakfast, just the three of us, and London had pancakes. She enjoyed them vocally. And I smiled because I’d chosen them for her.

Monday, we played tag with the garden hose. She ran, hands in the air, around the backyard and I “tagged” her with a soaking stream of water. She screamed and giggled and when I said it was time to go inside she asked “More?” Of course I gave her more; how could I say no when it made me so happy to say yes?

I imagine God feels this way when He doles out good gifts to His kids. If I care so much about making London happy, and I take such joy in seeing her enjoy the gifts I give her, what must it be like for God? God can give perfect gifts. He knows each of us so intimately and completely that any time He wants to see us smile He knows exactly how to make it happen.

Being a parent makes me love God more than I ever have, because God chose to call us His children and I know what it’s like to love your children. When I imagine God loving me like that… I’m overwhelmed. And happy.