In the last three days I’ve spent 15 and a half hours with two of my best friends. Just talkin’ and what not. Some of the time we yelled at our kids. Most of the time we laughed. 

Before I came to Round Rock it had been a long time since I’d had really great friends—partner friends, friends who know you, friends who can make you laugh so hard you spew coke out your nose, friends you talk to for so long that the restaurant closes. I hadn’t had friends like that in years. 

When we moved to Texas I told Justin (and God) that all I wanted was one really good friend—not one three states away but one just down the road, one I could meet for lunch.

And you know what? God gave me one, two… I stopped counting at five. Because, really, more than five is just gratuitous. Sometimes I feel like God is showing off. 

Tonight (confession: this morning at 1:26 am), I am thankful for friends. Gifts from God. Glimpses of God.