First Time Bible Reader

Got a haircut today. I often do that when I’m visiting places. It’s not that I don’t trust Henderson hair stylists. Okay, it is that I don’t trust Henderson hair stylists (bad past experience), but that’s for another post.

Today’s post is about the adorable girl who cut my hair and the ridiculously exciting adventure she’s living: She’s reading the Bible. For the very first time.

I found this out sometime after we’d shared Brooklyn stories. I told her I’d planted a church with my husband there, and she said she’d just recently bought a Bible and that she’d decided to read it. For herself.

She’d tried an American Standard version first and couldn’t get through it, but, unlike a lot of people I know who pick up the Bible and find an excuse to quickly put it down, she didn’t give up. She went to the book store, found out about translations, and picked up something she could understand.

Then, she tried to read the gospels, but the gospels seemed out of context without any backstory and so she put a bookmark in Matthew and started with Genesis. I get goosebumps thinking about her reading Genesis 1 with completely fresh eyes. “In the beginning…” It’s beautiful.

I gave her my card when I left and asked her to email me and let me know how the reading goes. I guess it’s possible she’s reading this post.

Ashley, if you are reading this, you’re awesome! I think it’s crazy cool that you’ve decided to sit down with what can be a really intimidating book and that you have confidence that what you find in it will be worth the effort. Believe me, Ashley, it will.

The Bible changes lives. It’s a book about God and God changing people and God’s hopes for changing you, too.

Good luck on your adventure! God bless you… I know God will bless you.

Also, I love my haircut.