Eve and God

Last night Eve and I sprawled out on the living room floor, stretching and resting and reading books—me reading my books and Eve reading hers (She has no patience for me reading to her). 

At some point I looked her way to find her flipping through the pages of a Bible. I said, “Eve, what do you have?” 

"A book!" she responded, smiling.

"Yes, a book. A Bible," I said.

"Bible," she repeated. 

I went back to my book, leaving her to her Bible, until I saw this out of the corner of my eye:

Eve, turning to a page, thrusting her chubby finger toward a word and saying, “Eve.” Then, turning the page, scanning it for another word, pointing again, and saying, “God.”

Another page: “Eve.”

Another page: “God.”

And on she went for the next twenty pages.

What is Eve’s Bible about? 

Eve and God.