Big Gulps of Bible

Finished reading John super-early this morning. I decided on the first that it would be cool to read the gospels in a day, a sort of New Year kickoff. I made it through Mark and a couple chapters of Luke before I realized it wasn’t happening. I took Saturday off and finished yesterday.

What I noticed was how different everything looked when I read it all at once. I was reading a story. Jesus had a personality and an overarching mission. Everything seemed connected and related.

Sometimes when we read the Bible in little pieces we miss all of that.

I am not one to read a novel in a month or two. I don’t keep a book on my nightstand, reading a chapter here and chapter there. I read novels in great big gulps. One, two, maybe three sittings. Never more than a week.

When I’m done with a book I feel like I’ve lived with the characters, like I’ve inhabited that world. Because I immerse myself.

Reading the Bible in big chunks provides the same lived-in-it results. You get caught up in the story. You feel like you know the characters. And when you’re done, instead of remembering single verses or scenes, you remember the Gospel. You remember who Jesus is.

I like that.

This year I’m planning on reading most of the Bible that way—a book at a time, maybe two or three prophets in a sitting.

I’m excited to read the Bible with my mouth full.