Should You Go To The Funeral? A Flowchart.

I said it on Instagram and I'll say it again, I like Christian funerals. I like them, paradoxically, because I hate death and love life. I like funerals because so often they celebrate life. They say to death, you can take this person from us here but you can't take our memories of the life they lived AND you can't take the better life they're living now. Good funerals are defiant. And you know I love a little holy defiance.

This week I've been thinking about funerals and how good they are for us. I thought, "I wish more people would go to funerals. How can I convince more people to go to more?" And then I stayed up til two in the morning making the following helpful chart. If you're wondering "Should I go to the funeral?" this is for you! And no, the answer isn't always yes. It is a lot though.

Bottom line? You should probably go to the funeral. It won't be weird. Okay, it might be weird. Go anyway. :)

Anybody want a share a good reason to go to a funeral? Leave a comment!