A Parable

This Sunday Justin preached a parable. He told a story. No introduction. No explanation. Just trusted that those with ears to hear would hear.

I had an older woman from church call me today to make sure the podcast hadn’t cut off the end of the sermon. When she discovered that, no, she’d actually heard the whole thing, she was delighted. Even over the phone I could tell she was smiling, giggling even. She hardly knew what to say to me. Finally she said, “That Justin is smart.”

Personally, I’d take a parable every third Sunday. As Jesus obviously knew, pictures are powerful. Because here I am on Monday night, with a hundred other things to do, telling you about a parable I heard, 12 minutes of total content, a parable I can’t get out of my mind.

Thankfully, as I’m married to the preacher, I’ve brokered a deal for the parable to appear right here on the pages of my humble blog. I’ll post part 1 tomorrow and part 2 on Wednesday.

Be excited.