#13 Fewer Clothes Does Not Equal More Laundry

Every time I discuss this project with friends, associates, randoms one of the first questions I get is “Are you swamped with laundry?” 

I suppose people assume I’m doing laundry more often because I have less to wear. I’m not. I’m doing the same number of loads per week as I always have.

When I have a bigger wardrobe, more clothes to pile up in the corners of my house, I have the opportunity to put off laundry, but when I do there’s simply more of it waiting to be washed. 

Bottom line: It doesn’t matter how many clothes you have, you’ll always generate the same amount of laundry: one outfit per day. 

If you’ve been putting off reducing the scale of your wardrobe based on an aversion to laundry, I’m happy to provide you with this small nugget of wisdom. :)