About me...


Hi. I'm Jennifer (the J in JL). I look for God in the bushes (burning or otherwise), in books, on mountain tops, in conversations over waffle fries, underwater, and in particularly dramatic episodes of Blacklist. I believe sometimes the unseen can be seen. When I catch a glimpse I take notes. I also very much like that my initials pronounced aloud sound like Jael, the lady who drove a stake into the head of the enemy of God. 

I've written three books--Think Good: How to Get Rid of Anxiety, Guilt, Despair and the Like to Finally Find Peace of Mind, Live or Die: A Study in Philippians, and Prayer, In Practice, a workbook to help you pray more and better. 

I'm also a Bible teacher and story teller (ex reporter and college English teacher). I've been writing and teaching about God since my first church Ladies' Day at the age of nine years old. I speak at events, lead Bible studies, make videos, lead marriage workshops with my husband, and write Bible study curriculum and devotional materials.

My husband Justin Gerhardt--a silent partner here at God Scout--preaches at Round Rock Church of Christ just outside Austin, TX. I serve alongside him leading our storytelling ministry, making videos, taking pictures and otherwise helping my community declare, "God is here! Look what He's doing! You can be a part of it!" Together we have two delightful, curious kids: London and Eve. We like hiking, swimming, exploring new places, and telling epic stories.

Also important: I'm an INFJ, committed introvert, lover of chai tea lattes, hater of long distance running, believer in the power of white paint, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer fangirl. 

WANT TO GET IN TOUCH? Contact me (via email) HERE.


About God Scouting...

To scout is to seek. To explore to obtain information.

A God scout seeks the face of God, exploring what God’s made and is making, what God’s said and is saying, what God’s done and is doing, all to obtain information about Who and What “I AM” really is. 

God scouting is a little like deep space exploration and a little like climbing into your Father's lap.


Everything I do here at GODscout.com concentrates on this idea of seeking God's face. I want to know God more so I can love God more. And I want to help you do the same.