You can be good at prayer.

All you need is practice.



In theory, prayer sounds great. It moves mountains and opens doors and changes the world.

In practice? Well, a lot of us have never stuck with it long enough to find out. We forget to pray. We wonder if we're doing it right. We get distracted. We're not sure how to break the 4-minute mark (what else is there to say?). Mostly, we just say thank you, ask for stuff, and hope for the best.

There's a better way.

This book (workbook, really) is built on a novel idea--that the best way to learn to pray is to pray. In practicing prayer, we discover its power to connect us to God and His people, to transform our hearts and minds, and to, well, change the world.  

In these pages, I'll walk you through some straightforward ways to make prayer a habit, leading you in new (and sometimes very old) ways of praying. My hope is to light a fire in you for prayer AND provide the skills you need to keep the fire burning.


1: Just Do It

Because if you want to pray more you’re gonna have to pray more

2: Jumping Hurdles 

How to get past what's keeping you away

3: How to Pray In 60 Seconds or Less 

A lesson on prayer from a bonafide expert

4: Thanks. A lot.

New ways to be very, very grateful

5: How Awesome 

Learning to praise

6: Over Coffee 

Getting closer to God

7: For Me? 

7 Requests you can't not make

8: We, The People 

On praying for others

9: Not Done Yet 

Time to make a plan

How To Get It:

Prayer, In Practice is available on Amazon in paperback, ebook and audiobook formats. Grab your copy today!


Jennifer Gerhardt writes, creates Bible studies, and leads workshops about prayer with the single goal of leading people into a closer, more on-purpose relationship with God. She’s spent the last ten years intentionally exploring and experimenting with prayer.

Jennifer works alongside her husband Justin Gerhardt with Round Rock Church of Christ (just outside Austin, TX) and homeschools their daughters London (7) and Eve (6). She likes to explore outside, take pictures, read books and eat gluten-free pizza.



About the book...

"I am smack dab in the middle of In Practice, devouring chapter 5, and I just have to tell you how good this is. This book is just so good and rich and practical. You're unlocking pieces of me and corners of my heart that I've never talked with God about before, and praying with Him about it all for the first time is such a refuge, such a welcome, glorious place to just sit down and take a deep breath and BE with God." -Bethany W.
"Everyone should read this book. If you want to talk to God and have a better relationship with him, this is the ticket. I can't gush anymore about how more relatable this is to me and how much I can connect with this. This book is truly a blessing." -Aiessa C.
"I love Prayer in Practice because it actually gets you praying, immediately! I have read other books on prayer but put most of them down after awhile because it was a bunch of theology or the reading became tedious. I'm using Jennifer's book for my daily quiet time, and I am excited to jump right in with her every morning to learn more about prayer. Her stories, examples, and practical prayer prompts, make me hungry to spend time with God each day and to talk to him in a way I haven't felt in a long time." -Tara C.
"If praying intimidates you (or if you wonder if you even know how to do it right), then this book is for you! The author is so knowledgable yet relatable and down-to-earth, giving you so many practical ways to jump start your prayer life. I highly recommend this book for all ages and will use it as a resource for years to come." -Angela S.