THINK GOODHow to Get Rid of Anxiety, Guilt, Despair & the Like to Finally Find Peace of Mind


Maybe you’re a worrier, always dwelling on the worst case scenario. Maybe you’re angry, imaginary conversations with obstinate people clogging your head. Maybe you’re judgmental, “I bet she’s...” at the start of every other train of thought. Maybe you feel guilty, a long list of your weaknesses and failures ever at the ready.

Whatever your problem, it starts (and grows) in your thoughts. 

Bad thoughts, unchecked, make life bad. 


What if you could tell worry to take a hike and lean in to trust? What if you stepped up as commander of your mind, taking captive every stray thought? What if you could tackle temptation with confidence? What if you could think about pure and lovely things and watch them bloom into a pure and lovely life?

You can. You just need some help.


Think Good is a profound, well-written, extremely practical resource for anyone who has ever wished they could corral their pesky thoughts and make them behave. Gerhardt references modern science, psychology, Scripture and personal experience as she debunks popular myths about our thoughts and provides a fresh new perspective on how to “think good.” As someone whose brain is constantly stuck in overdrive, this book is a lifeline for me. I found help for my anxiety, my guilt, my tendency to relive the past, and so many other dysfunctional thinking habits. Gerhardt makes the case early on that thinking good is like pixie dust, the magic that gives us wings; since finishing the book and slowly learning to put it into practice, I’ve found that claim to be true. Believe me, this book really can make the difference between stumbling along and learning to fly.
— Bethany W.
Don’t buy one, buy two! You will want to share this book with others as well as read over and over again! It will be in my library along with Prayer in Practice, another book written by this lovely talented author. This book is a MUST READ for so many reasons. There is no hocus pocus or magic tricks in this book, only practical advice, loving words, and exercises to point your mind to thinking good. Fear paralyzed me after tragically losing my brother in law and watching my sister become a widow and single mom last year. This book has and continues to give me the tools I need to break free from this fear and think good. It is a book that I will reread for encouragement and wisdom throughout this battle.
— Lizbeth W.
You know those books where you feel like the author is sitting down with you for a good chat, like your best friend who always gives you the best advice? That’s this book.

I would say to wear your steel-toed boots, but even in the parts that catch your toes a little bit, Gerhardt is right next to you, stepping on her own, and like all the best teachers, she doesn’t leave it there. As she walks with you through the hard work, she encourages you and expands your heart, and you walk away from this book energized and uplifted.

If, like me, you have recently been on a journey of self reflection, this book is for you. If you would like to go on a journey of self reflection, this book is for you. If you don’t think you need a journey of self reflection, this book is definitely for you! In short, this book is for everyone.
— Leika L.