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Tired of Living Little? 

Live Or Die, a study in Philippians opens with these words: "I am tired of living little, every day on this never-docking cruise ship a charade. I am sick of stillness and conformity, of making a goal of not rocking the boat. I am ready to tip it over. I am ready to wake up to an apocalypse..." 

If you're ager for bigger, more meaningful living (more courage, less fear, more satisfaction, less disappointment, more improvement, less falling down), join me in this study, tagging along with the apostle Paul as he explores what it means to surrender our lives to Christ and discover the adventure of partnership in holy transformation. Also, less glamorous, in suffering. 

Spread out over 11 sessions, this study includes assigned readings from the text, a daily focus, reflection questions, definitions of difficult terminology and prescriptive prayer, all accompanied by personal, reflective essays on the big ideas in the book—ideas that, applied to our lives, will dramatically shape who we are and who we want to be.

Grab this book for personal study or use it with your small group, Bible class, or book club!



Fix your thoughts. 

Ever been irrationally convinced your kids would die in a freak accident? Ever thought to yourself, “I am the smartest person in this room. By far”? Ever considered cutting your wrists? Ever wrestled your thoughts for hours, unable to find focus or silence or order?

You’re not alone. And you’re not doomed.

Honest, practical, personal and remarkably relatable, Think Good is the book to help you fix your thoughts, yanking you free from the clutches of bad thinking-- anxiety, fear, guilt, despair, pride, self-loathing, lust, and the rest--and enabling the peace, freedom and joy you need.

Think Good is both a better way to think and a better what to think—a mindset and mind skill enabled only by the power of a God bigger than the dark thoughts we ca



You can be good at prayer... All you need is practice.

In this workbook, I'll walk you through some straightforward ways to make prayer a habit, leading you in new (and sometimes very old) ways of praying. My hope is to light a fire in you for prayer AND provide the skills you need to keep the fire burning.



Freedom isn't too far away.

This 40-day devotional will arrive in your inbox each morning at 6am.

Chances are, you're shackled by something. An unhealthy relationship, a false idol, a broken dream, an addiction, the fear of failure, the list of possibilities goes on and on. But there's good news and great news. The good news: God wants you to be free. The great news: He can make it happen.

Take 40 days and give God a chance to lead you out of Egypt. 



Field Notes is an online workshop for writing to see—writing to see yourself, to see your story, to see God.


Working through video instruction, reflection questions and writing prompts at your own pace, you'll learn to use writing as a tool for processing your ideas, struggles, experiences, questions, and circumstances. You’ll practice looking for God in your writing and through your writing, and you’ll witness the power of writing to bring peace, understanding, and direction.

If you do it, it will change you. That's just about guaranteed.

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