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This Christmas get your friends and family what they really needhelp. Wait. That doesn't sound right. Anyway... the people you love would be blessed by the following books, studies, online workshop, and other goodies. Promise.





Think Good 
How to Get Rid of Anxiety, Guilt, Despair & the Like to Finally Find Peace of Mind


Prayer, In Practice
A Workbook to Help You Pray More and Better. Today.


Kids' Prayer Journal
13 weeks' of prayer prompts to lead your kids into a closer relationship with God.







A Prayer Journal For Kids

Want your kids to grow closer to God? Want to help them develop a healthy habit of daily prayer? This prayer journal created especially for (and tested by) kids ages 7-12 helps kids engage in intentional, relationship-building conversations with their Father. 

Over 13 weeks they'll engage in six types of age-appropriate, interactive  prayers: thanksgiving, praise, connection, intercession, wants & needs, and prayers modeled on The Lord's Prayer. 


Think Good: How to Get Rid of Anxiety, Guilt, Despair & the Like to Finally Find Peace of Mind

Ever been irrationally convinced your kids would die in a freak accident? Ever thought to yourself, “I am the smartest person in this room. By far”? Ever considered cutting your wrists? Ever wrestled your thoughts for hours, unable to find focus or silence or order?

You’re not alone. And you’re not doomed.

Honest, practical, personal and remarkably relatable, Think Good is the book to help you fix your thoughts, yanking you free from the clutches of bad thinkinganxiety, fear, guilt, despair, pride, self-loathing, lust, and the restand enabling the peace, freedom and joy you need.

(Great for groups/classes; Leader Guide included)



Prayer, In Practice: A Workbook to Help You Pray More and Better. Today.

This Christmas give your friends and family the gift of a better, more consistent, more powerful prayer life.

This lovely, large-format workbook offers practical wisdom, reflection questions, room to respond, and more than 100 prompts to get you praying. Plus, you'll find lots of space for scribbling in the margins.

(Great for groups/classes; Leader Guide included)


How to Be Free: A 40 Day Bible Study and Devotional in the Book of Exodus

Looking to give someone the gift of freedom and the joy of growing closer to God through His word? How to Be Free is a daily devotional delivered to you (or your gift recipient's) inbox every morning for forty days.

This shirt and study package is available until December 8th.

(Women's t-shirts say "Freedwoman")



Live or Die: A Study in Philippians


Following God isn't about timid, small living. It's an adventure, a call to courage.

This study of the book of Philippians is about discovering how to grab hold of everything that matters (peace, joy, love, purpose...)  and how to let go of everything that doesn't. Live or Die is a daily devotional delivered to your (or your gift recipient's) inbox every morning for ten days.

This tote bag and study package is available until December 8th.


Field Notes: A Workshop in Writing to See

Field Notes is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to see God more clearly. It's a practical, hands-on workshop in using writing/journaling as a tool to understand what God's doing around you and how to partner with Him to live out your purpose. This workshop is online and self-paced including four sessions, each session comprised of two or three ten(ish) minute videos, reflection questions, and writing prompts.

If you buy Field Notes as a gift you'll receive the tote bag pictured, a perfect reminder for God scouts to look for God everywhere.



3.75 in X 7.5 in//$5

Is there a better stocking stuffer than a "Packing Holy Heat" bumper sticker? Probably not.  

Here's the passage that inspired the sticker:
"All three times the devil tempts Jesus, Jesus responds the same way: It is written. And each time that scripture, those holy words, are enough to force Satan into silence, eventually into retreat.
     Does that surprise you, that Satan is so easily bested? It surprises me. And it delights me, too. Because I have the scriptures just like Jesus, did. In fact, I’ve got 27 books more than Jesus had when he lived here. That’s like carrying almost twice the ammo. Plus, I don’t have to have it all memorized like He did. I can carry it around in my purse or on my phone. I have the ability and holy commission to be ever armed (Just thinking about it makes me want a “packing holy heat” bumper sticker). 
     What a joy it is to know the most effective thing you can do to demolish your enemy is to wield your sword, the divine power of the divine word..."

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THINK GOOD t-shirts

made in America//sizes XS-2XL//$20

Need a reminder to THINK GOOD? How about this t-shirt? Wear it to your kid's parent teacher conference. Wear it to the bank. Wear it when you know your favorite team is probably going to lose. 

A t-shirt and book together make a nice Christmas bundle of happy.


But First, Prayer mug

11 oz

This is the mug you'll use in the morning to sip Thanksgiving blend and read the Psalms, still in your slippers, flannel blanket wrapped around your shoulders. It's also the mug you'll reach for in an early morning daze, aching for coffee only to be remindedPrayer before coffee, girl. Prayer before coffee.