Wake up, wake up!

Last night, reading about prayer, I came across this from the poet Kabir:

"Do you have a body? Don’t sit on the porch!

Go out and walk in the rain!

If you are in love,

then why are you asleep?

Wake up, wake up!”

The suggestion is that prayer isn’t only about saying; it’s about doing, about living.

That to thank God for our health, for our strong bodies, is best done by taking a walk.

That to say we love God but then shuffle dazed and half asleep through life is to pray an untruth. Because what man in love fights the dawning of a new day?

On days like today when Justin’s traveling and my list of minutiae-to-do is long, I often forget to “Wake up!” And I waste a day, never opening my eyes to God’s glorious presence or never letting His presence color me. I go to sleep a gray-ish page with black lines and empty spaces.


So, I’m adding a walk in the sunshine, a book on the porch, and a game of chase with my kids to my prayer list today.