JESUS signs

I LOVE the Jesus signs around town. I think it’s the Baptist churches doing it, but I don’t care who’s doing it. I’m claiming it; I’m enjoying the fruits of someone else’s good idea.

For those of you who aren’t Jackson/Henderson locals (I think this is just a local thing) a bunch of people in the community have posted small green signs outside their houses. The signs say, simply, JESUS. That’s it. No corny tag line, no church name, no website, no event. They’re all over the place, and seeing them every few seconds makes me ridiculously happy.

When I lived in Huntsville the churches of Christ did something similar but with yellow signs that said the name of a week-long campaign, “fan the flame.” It was cool to drive around and see all the members of the church of Christ in town, but the sign itself didn’t really do much. The only people who got it were already Christians and the Christians weren’t prompted to think anything good or uplifting by seeing the signs.

I like the JESUS signs because they’re not about us or what we’re doing. They’re just arrows to Christ. Every time I see one I feel all warm inside. I think, “Jesus. Mmmm…Yeah.” I was thinking tonight that it’s like seeing your best friend’s name printed all over town. Every time you see it you can’t help but think, “Him?! I love him!”

Maybe you don’t love Jesus, but however you feel these signs force you to come to terms with it. When you see His name everywhere, you think something. And thinking about Jesus is always a great thing to encourage.