I think it’s every girl’s dream to walk in a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

#11 This is not true.

Since beginning this project I’ve been overwhelmed by the warm response from so many people, many of whom I’ve never met. It seems a lot of people think modesty is important.

I saw this quote the other day. It’s real. One of the models in the “fashion” show quipped these words to a reporter after her turn on the catwalk.

10.3 million Americans tuned in to watch this year’s “underwear parade” (as one online reporter labeled it). That’s a lot of people who clearly like looking at scantily clad ladies—so many that you and I might be tempted to see truth in the “every girl’s dream” quip above.  

Thing is, when you look at the numbers, you realize 10.3 million isn’t so many after all. On the same night, 2 million more people (12.7 mil total) watched the claymation version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

We may be tempted to assume that everybody everywhere wants to dress immodestly or that every guy in the world wants his woman to dress like a Victoria’s Secret model, but, I can tell you from experience, from meeting hundreds of men and women this year alone who prize modesty, that immodesty is not your only option.

If you choose to dress with respect to yourself, your spouse, and your God, you will find support in a rich and expansive community of fellow rebels.