Good Work

I do not work. But I work. Because my work is slightly unconventional and a little hodge podgey I’ve always struggled to see it as truly valuable.

Yes, raising my kids is a God-glorifying thing. But what about the other stuff I spend most of my day doing, stuff like sweeping and laundry and errand running? What about the hours I spend alone at my computer typing words into a box? Words nobody sees. Words nobody may ever see.

Well, this most recent sermon series of Justin’s has totally inspired me. I’m working like a crazy lady, cleaning my house every day, inventing cool things to do or make with my kids, even writing consistently (and well). 

You have to listen to this stuff. I particularly love Parts 1 and 3. 

Sunday he’ll be wrapping up the series with a lesson on Sabbath. I’m not sure I need a reminder to rest. I certainly needed the reminder to work.