A Love Blessing

Every three months my church family gathers together at a house or park to celebrate our newest members, men and women who’ve recently been baptized. We pray for them, offer blessings over them, and sing their favorite songs (we eat too). It’s one of my absolute favorite things.  

We call it a Plus 1 and usually well over a hundred people show up.

Today I ran across a blessing I wrote for my friends Greg and Kathy, an appropriation of I Corinthians 13 I read them at their Plus 1 a few months ago. I read it and thought how good the world would be if we all lived like that, consumed with and driven by love. 

So, I thought maybe I’d bless you this morning with that same blessing of love, “wish good” for you as you strive to live the life to which God’s called you. 

May the Lord teach you patience.

May He inspire you to be kind.

May He show you a better way than envy, pride, and conceit,

leading you to honor others and seek their good.

May God grant you a long fuse,

making you slow to anger,

quick to overlook the offenses and failures all around.

May God move you to rejoice with the truth,

never celebrating evil.

May our God demonstrate protection, trust, hope and perseverence

as He protects you, earning your trust by doggedly believing in you.

May you delight in God’s never-failing love

and never fail to love others as He loves you.

God bless you as you live love.